Диагностика: Программаторы, иммобилайзеры

Программаторы, иммобилайзеры

Описание продукта

MB IR PLUS Key Programmer for Mercedes Benz


MB IR Plus Description:


MB IR PLUS communication with key via IR and RF in mercedes benz security protocol .( that's meaning you can use it for all type keys and if there any new key with private mcu no problem )need only to update .

New model smart key is available programming all smart key model for all years models support all data lost key adaptation, but need to have programmers to get datas from car side, for New and Old Mercedes, convert big key into smaller key, ETL programmers Mortorola 9S12, 908, 705, 711, 705e6 are needed. W202 - W210 - W208 - W 220 - W203 - W215 - W209 - W219 -W211 - W230 - W203 -W215 are supported.


Difference between MB IR & MB IR Plus:


1. MB IR PLUS can read out MB key frequency 433MHZ or 315MHZ easily

2. Support the NEC chips erase function and write function (need key data bin files from key mechanics support)

3. MB IR PLUS contain all function of MB IR Programmer

4. Cost with very competetive price offer


Package list:


1pc x MB IR PLUS

1pc x 4PIN Cable

1pc x CD Driver

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